Coventry Inspiration Books Awards – First Out!

The evictions have started for this year’s Coventry Inspiration Book Awards, and these are the first books to leave the competition.

Reception, Year 1 and 2

Otto Blotter Bird Spotter by Graham Carter

Otto’s family are keen bird spotters, indeed they are so keen they have turned their house into a hide. Otto, though, loves exploring and on one of his trips he finds a very unusual baby bird and brings it secretly into his home. He is able to hide it from his family because the bird is very good at camouflage. As the bird grows and grows, Otto realises that it’s missing its family and recruits help to track them down.

A really lovely picture book celebrating the natural world with stunning illustrations. I’m really surprised to see this go out so early!


Year 3 and 4

My Other Life by Polly Ho-Yen, illustrated by Patricia Hu

Mae spends a lot of time in hospitals. She’s had asthma since she was little and sometimes she just can’t breathe. She was in hospital the very first time she saw the hole – a tear in the universe which seems to appear only to her. Before she knows it she is drawn into a parallel world, where things aren’t quite the same…

This powerful fantasy story is full of big ideas and a great way to talk about chronic illness with children. With beautiful black-and-white illustrations throughout, it is ideal for children who are developing as readers.




Year 5 and 6

Fire Girl, Forest Boy by Chloe Daykin

Maya has to escape. Abandoned in the cloud forest, she’s on the run in a country she doesn’t know and has no idea who to trust. Raul is escaping too – travelling back to his home where a terrible tragedy happened, ready to stir up trouble. When their paths collide in the middle of the jungle, the sparks begin to fly. As modern world corruption meets the magic and legends of ancient times, can Maya draw on her hidden light to find the way through to the truth?

An amazing, thought provoking adventure set in the Peruvian rainforest, highlighting the plight of our Earth’s lungs. Told in dual narrative, this has magic, crime and mystery all wrapped in in a stunning setting. Sad to see this one exit so early.



If you want to make sure your favourite book isn’t evicted make sure you keep voting! You can vote here !

And finally, here’s a non-fiction book celebrating all things sport including all three Olympic Games – the Olympics, the Paralympics and the Winter Olympics. Sportopedia by Adam Long, illustrated by Mark Long features over 60 sports from around the world, and looks at the rules, kits and fascinating facts. A brilliant book to dip in and out of with captivating illustrations!