Day: January 20, 2022

Year 6: How did propaganda influence behaviour during World War II?

As historians, we have been looking at propaganda posters produced during World War II.

We worked out who the intended audience was, and how the words and images would evoke an emotional response in different sections of society. This was so that they would be more likely to behave in the way that the Government wanted them to, whether that be mothers from big cities sending their children to live with others in the country, women going to work in factories or on farms, or growing your own veg!

Then we created our own posters to persuade the British population to help the war effort in different ways.

Year 5: A roving reporter questions characters.

Year 5 are looking at traditional tales in English, and have been exploring an Ancient Egyptian version of Cinderella called Cinderella Of The Nile by Beverly Naidoo, illustrated by Marjan Vafaeian.

Having looked at similarities and differences between this version and the Brother’s Grimm version, we are now looking at the story in more detail.

We acted out the whole story, and then a roving reporter dropped in to see what the women in the crowd waiting to try the slipper on might have said, and to find out why Rhodopis was hiding in the bushes. We will use this experience to make our speech writing more exciting for the reader.