Resilience in Year 6

Year 6 had a visit from the school nursing team this afternoon, to talk about resilience. The informative session educated the children about the effects of drugs, smoking and alcohol and how best to handle peer pressure. The children took it in turns to wear beer googles to get a real feel for what negative effects alcohol has on co-ordination. Thank you to the nursing team from all of Year 6.




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Recipe for a Good Friend

Year 2 had a great afternoon discussing friendships.  Using their knowledge of instructions, they came up with a recipe for making a good friend. A handful of kindness, a spoonful of sharing and a sprinkle of helpfulness were some of the ingredients mentioned. Well done Year 2, we think you perfected the recipe.




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Young Carers Day

Today, Rhupinder from Young Carers led a whole school assembly in aid of Young Carers Awareness Day to raise awareness of the challenges faced by young carers and campaigns for greater support for them. The children shared their views by answering different questions and they listened well to the personal experiences of children who are young carers in Coventry. More information will be sent home. If you believe your child may be a Young Carer, please make an appointment with either Mr Ray or Mrs Smith.

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UNICEF Workshop

This afternoon, Year 3 were visited by Warwick University students on behalf of UNICEF.  We had a workshop delivered on Nutrition and the importance of a healthy and varied diet. Furthermore, they spoke about the work they do to support those children, who are in need in less developed countries around the world. They also informed us about how we can get involved by doing simple things within our local community. Finally we created group posters on what we had learnt from the session.

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Election Day

Our three week election campaign ended on Thursday as the whole school voted for their party of choice. The children have really enjoyed learning about democracy, which is one of our British Values.

The votes were counted up at the end of the day and, with only two votes in it, the winning party was the Future Technicians. They will now present their ideas to staff on how to develop the school.

Here are our party leaders casting their votes:


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Cannon Park Hustings

On Thursday in assembly, each party gave a presentation to the whole school ahead of polling day next week. The children were very persuasive, talking about ideas ranging from more equipment to more outdoor learning; from saving the planet to becoming the very best academically. It will be difficult decision for the children next week when they go to cast their democratic vote.

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What a mess!

Year 1 had a shock when they came into their classroom yesterday! Someone had dumped all of their rubbish everywhere! As a team, the children quickly decided that something needed to be done. They sorted the rubbish and re-used as much as they could to create something new. The children worked very hard and were proud that they had done something to help their planet.


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Children in Need

The children had a great time raising money for Children in Need on Friday. Everyone took part in the Joe Wicks workout in the morning – the staff found it more of a challenge than the children! In the afternoon, our ‘bring-and-buy’ sale was a bit hit. Thank you all for supporting Children in Need.

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Odd Socks Day

Everyone was sporting odd socks as part of Anti-Bullying Week today. Most importantly, Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

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