Carols Around the Tree

Christmas most definitely arrived at Cannon Park this afternoon as the children performed a range of carols and Christmas songs. Thank you to Miss Ashby for organising such a wonderful event and thank you to the parents and carer for joining us to celebrate the many talents of the children.

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Friends of Cannon Park

All children will be invited to wear their own clothes on Friday 30th November. Friends of Cannon Park are asking for donations of bottles, chocolate of £1. All donations will go towards our Christmas Fete, which is on Thursday 6th December. Ho ho ho!

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Anti Bullying Week Begins

Reception learned that being unkind leaves a mark and changes you forever!

We had a piece of smooth paper and said unkind things to it. With each unkind comment, the paper was bent or ripped, meaning it could never be returned to the beautiful piece of paper it once was.

We were also unkind to an apple then looked inside to see the effect it had. We were shocked to see that the apple we were mean to, was bruised and squishy inside. We didn’t want this happening to anyone we know, so we decided we must always be kind, using thoughtful words and nice hands, so feelings inside are not hurt!

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Reception Trip – Ryton Pools

What a wonderful first trip Year R had on Friday, when we ventured to Ryton Pools Country Park. We discovered lots in the Wild Woods, including digging for pirate treasure, making animal homes and lots more…The Rangers said we were great listeners and were exceptionally well behaved, which made the staff really happy. A big thank you to all the parent volunteers who helped us and well done children!

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Diwali Celebration 2018

Happy Diwali Everyone!

Reception celebrated Diwali by creating Rangoli Patterns by our door, using chalk and paint. We discovered that this was done as a way to welcome the God Lakshmi into buildings. It was really fun once the colours started to blend together in the rain! We also acted out the story of Rama and Sita, and made Diwali cards.



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