Amazing Writers

Year 1 have been using the story ‘Supertato’ to help them with their writing. The Evil Pea escaped last week and the children went on a journey to find him, which helped them understand verbs. They didn’t manage to find him, but when they came into school this morning, they discovered their friend Supertato had caught him over the weekend! The children were very excited and they all wrote some super sentences about what had happened.

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Robin Hood

The whole school had a wonderful time watching Robin Hood this morning.

“Oh no you didn’t!”

“Oh yes we did!”

Singing, dancing, lots of laughs and joining in. Thank you very much for organising such a great end to the week Miss Ashby.

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BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition

Year 5 really enjoyed watching the BBC 500 Words Live Lesson this morning (especially when they saw, “Hello Year 5 from Cannon Park Primary School in Coventry!” scroll across the screen) which gave a whole host of hints, tips and inspirational ideas to the children on how to write a story in just 500 words. This is an amazing competition that really fires the imagination, and celebrates creativity. Anyone wishing to take part can get some help from Miss Cleveland on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes in the library.

As well attending a spectacular 500 Words Final at Buckingham Palace where superstar celebrities will read the winning stories live on the radio, six amazing illustrators: Tony Ross, Fiona Lumbers, David McKee, Sue Cheung, David Roberts, and Margaret Sturton – will each be set the task of illustrating one the winning stories.

The winners in each age category will also receive:

Gold Winners – Chris Evans’ height in books and 500 books for their school.

Silver Winners – HRH The Duchess of Cornwall’s height in books.

Bronze Winners – Their own height in books.

There is also a BRAND NEW Prize for 2020 and it doesn’t matter how good your story is just that you enter one. One entrant will be selected at random to receive a fabulous book bundle and an invite to the final (for child plus a parent or guardian). They will also win 500 books for their school – so the more pupils a school has that has entered the more chances they have of winning a brand new library.

Information on how to enter can be found by following this link.

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Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2020


We’ve looked at all of the books for our age groups. Now it’s time to get voting to save your favourites before they get knocked out. The first eviction will be on Monday 20 January and subsequently, one book will be knocked out each week in each category until we reach the winners!

Vote Here!

I know who I’ll be voting for…

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Dol-y-Moch Day 2

The day started with a 7am wake-up call for the children. They (mostly) shot out of bed, happy to start the day – parents, you’ll be pleased to know they slept soundly through the night! After a breakfast of cereal and toast, we met our instructors for the day and prepared for the activities.

Our day was split into two halves – kayaking at the lake and bouldering at the beach. Despite a light rain, the children were all in good spirits during kayaking, developing their paddle skills during a variety of fun games. The session ended with the infamous ‘Dol-y-Moch dive’ – it’s amazing to see so many children happy to be pushed into freezing cold water! They all came out shivering but smiling and wanting to do it again. Fortunately, the fireplace was burning back at the house ready to warm us back up.

The time at the beach was spent attempting various different challenges from bouldering to scrambling to jumping. The children showed lots of enjoyment in approaching the tasks with such a positive attitude.

Some quotes from the children:

‘The dive was really cold and the kayaking was brilliant. It taught me a lot about how to kayak.’

‘The water was freezing but I enjoyed it!’

‘The rock climbing was excellent because I completed the leap of faith!’

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Egg Hunt

The children enjoyed helping Mr Wilson clean out the stick insects and gather up all the eggs they have produced this term. The children have enjoyed observing the insects grow and change over the year and can now identify the different genders and key features.

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Anker Wood

Reception had a wonderful trip to Anker Wood on Monday and impressed the rangers with their knowledge about animals, before getting lost in the mazes!

”I loved holding the girl chickens, and listening to the the pigs snort. The male chickens were really noisy and made a great sound, and the goats were cool!”


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Battery Recycling

Well done to all our children for collecting all the old batteries from around their homes.  Together we collected over 2000 batteries! Thanks to this amazing effort, we have prevented these from ending up in landfill and harming our environment, and all will be turned into new batteries!

The Green Team members carefully counted and sorted all the batteries, ready for recycling.

We will continue to collect batteries to do our bit for the environment. The recycling point is in the front entrance.

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