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Spanish Culture

Today, Year 3/4 enjoyed a talk from a Warwick University language student, who has recently been on a year abroad. The children learned a little more about what life is like in Spain, including food, music, geography and culture.


Library: A fabulously festive virtual visit from Alex T. Smith!

Year 3, 4, and 5 were all enthralled by Coventry Inspiration Book Awards winning author-illustrator, Alex T. Smith, and his helper Coco, when they zoomed into our classrooms this morning. Before the event had even started, Year 3 were blown away to see their Winston illustrations on the pre-event slide show!

Alex talked to us about how he writes and illustrates his books, showed us how to draw Winston and read the first chapters of How Winston Delivered Christmas and How Winston Came Home For Christmas. He also told us all about the stories his Grandad used to tell him and some of the ways he and his family celebrate Christmas.

Here’s what some of the children thought:

  • I thought Alex was really funny, especially when he was talking about his family.
  • I loved finding out how long it takes him to make his books and how he creates his illustrations.
  • I loved hearing him read the first chapters of Winston – it makes me want to read on!
  • I loved learning how to draw Winston and knowing that mine didn’t need to be exactly like his. We have to put our own style on our drawings.
  • Coco was the best helper ever, almost as funny as Alex!

Running like Usain Bolt

Year 3 had a fun afternoon of Science finding out about Usain Bolt and his world record in running the 100 metres. First, they predicted how long it would take them to run the same distance. Then using trundle wheels, they measured the exact distance and worked in groups with stopwatches to record their times. We have some great athletes in Year 3, who will no doubt be breaking records like Usain Bolt very soon!

Translucent stained glass windows

As scientists this afternoon, the children in Year 3 continued their learning of light and investigated different materials and objects to see which were transparent, translucent and opaque. Using torches, they were able to group items according to the amount of light that was transferred through them.

The children also made their own translucent stained glass windows which look beautiful hanging up in the classroom! Super work Year 3.

Frog invasion

Year 3 were faced with a huge surprise in our classroom this morning.  When they entered, they found lily pads scattered across the floor and water on tables!  As detectives, they investigated who might have entered the classroom and when. What made things even more mysterious was that our new book for Literacy is called ‘Tuesday’ and is about frogs invading a city! Did they enter our classroom yesterday evening?!

After reading the story book, the children used comic strips to retell the story and thought about what might happen next Tuesday.

Super work Year 3!


Cookie excavation

In our learning of the pre-historic period, Year 3 had an exciting afternoon finding out about the job of an archaeologist. Using cookies and cocktail sticks, the children carefully chipped away at the dirt (the cookie) to slowly reveal the hidden artefacts (chocolate chips). Any findings were recorded on grids, noting the exact point where they were found using co-ordinates and axes. The children used great precision and realised how long the process can take and how careful archaeologists need to be. Well done Year 3 for showing great enjoyment in our learning in History.




Carols Around the Tree

December would usually see the hall full of children, staff and parents, enjoying a Christmas musical extravaganza in the shape of our annual concert, Carols Around the Tree. Unfortunately, we are unable to gather together this Christmas but that didn’t stop Miss Ashby! She has worked tirelessly to coordinate the staff and children to create a virtual Carols Around the Tree. Please click on Christmas Tree below to enjoy the show.


Building Bridges

This week, Year 3 have had fun being engineers.  Firstly, they learnt about the different types of bridges. Then, they designed their own bridges. Next, they used recycled materials to build their own bridge with a partner. Finally, we tested the bridges – would a toy car roll across the bridge and would they support a 1kg weight?


Can you feel the force?

This afternoon, Year 3 have been having a great time rolling cars down ramps. As well as playing with cars, they were learning all about forces and, in particular, friction. Our Teamwork value was very much on display as the children worked in small groups. Well done, everyone!