Animals in Hand

Mo from Animal in Hands visited Year 3 on Wednesday to launch our new topic – Predators.  The children saw and handled an Australian carpet python called Jamal, a tarantula called Boris, a bull frog named Shrek and many other really exciting animals.

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Right Angles

This morning, Year 3 have been busy making videos about right angles. As part of the videos, they have hunted down right angles outside and explained what makes a right angle. Enjoying the sunshine has been an added bonus!



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Dogs Trust

Anthea Holloway from The Dogs Trust popped into school on Thursday to teach us all about safety around dogs. The children really enjoyed the assembly and individual class workshops.

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We’re Internet Legends!

Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 had a special assembly from Parent Zone, where the children travelled to Interland and learned how to be Google Internet Legends:

  • Be Internet Sharp:
    • think before sharing,
    • evaluate whether a piece of information is private or not,
    • and think who will be able to see what is shared.
  • Be Internet Alert:
    • if an offer is too good to be true, is it a phishing scam?
    • think what is real and what is fake,
    • and think critically about information found online, is is true and is it from a trusted website?
  • Be Internet Secure:
    • keep personal information safe by creating unique passwords, combining characters, numbers and symbols.
  • Be Internet Kind:
    • spread positivity online,
    • speak up against and report bullying,
    • identify inappropriate behaviour.
  • Be Internet Brave:
    • when witnessing something inappropriate online, speak to a trusted adult about any concerns.

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Children in Need

What a day! Everyone looked amazing in their bright colours today – special mention to Mr Kelley for that shirt! Thanks to the generosity of our parents and families, the bring-n-buy sale was a great success! Our School Council, led did a brilliant job in organising the event. Be prepared for some creative Christmas gifts from the children this year.

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100 Years Ago…

As part of our whole school WWI project, Year 3 have been learning about what life was like in 1918. We used the following questions to guide our reseach:

What was school like?

How did people travel?

How did children help the war effort?

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Remembrance Day

Ahead of Remembrance Sunday, Year 3 walked into a their classroom and had a ‘snowball fight’ with paper. Afterwards, they unfurled each piece of paper to see that each one represented 1000 lives during WWI. We then read In Flanders Fields before doing some independent writing inspired by some WWI photographs.


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