Google Classroom

To support children learning from home while school is closed, Cannon Park has set up Google Classroom for every child. On this page, you find information to support you in using Google Classroom when your child is learning remotely.

Google Classroom Stream

The Stream is the live feed in each classroom. This is where staff will post their ‘Good Morning’ message at the start of the day. All children are able to post learning and comments through the school day for teachers and teaching assistants to respond accordingly. Teachers may direct certain times of the day, for example, breaktime or lunchtime, for the children to have a rest. Please understand this is simply a guide and you may be following a different routine at home depending on your circumstances. As always, we would expect the children to comment and post with our school values in mind. Please note, the Google Classroom Stream is for children only. If any parents or carers have questions for the teachers while children are learning remotely, please use the direct teacher emails:

Reception Mr Wilson
Year 1 Miss Swain
Year 2 Mrs Amphlett
Year 3 Mr Kelley
Year 4 Miss Ashby
Year 5 Mrs Aston and Mrs Reihill
Year 6 Mr Young

For all other enquires, please email

Please note, the direct teacher emails will only be in use when school is closed to all children except vulnerable children and children of critical workers.

How to access learning

All learning will be posted by teachers at 5pm the day before each school day. We made this change following feedback from parents and carers because it enables you to view the learning before the start of school day. All learning can be found in the ‘Classwork’ tab on the top of the Google Classroom page. The learning is also posted onto the Stream. In addition to this, paper copy packs are available from 2pm every Friday, containing the learning for the following week. These are available to everyone. However, please complete the Google Form so we can ensure we have the correct numbers copied. You may simply want to reduce the amount of screen time your child has and balancing their time between paper copies, like they would use in school, and Google Classroom, may be beneficial.

How to share your learning

From Monday 25th January, all staff will upload all learning as ‘assignments’. This will mean that children the option to ‘turn in’ their learning, meaning only teachers and TAs will see the learning. Staff can provide feedback individually and send the learning back to children to complete next steps or a CUKU (catch up, keep up) challenge. Instructions on how to ‘turn in’ learning can be found on our website.

Alternatively, learning can still be posted on the Google Classroom Stream, which would enable all children and staff to see the learning. Teachers and TAs are still able to give feedback on this learning through the comments section.

These two options will give children a choice of whether they want the rest of the class to see their learning or not. Some teachers may encourage children to ‘turn in’ their learning as this is preferable to tracking engagement in learning.

‘Muting’ children in Google Classroom

All Google Classrooms will be muted at 3:30 each day as they will not be monitored by staff after this time, and unmuted at 9am the following day. However, learning can still be ‘turned in’ even when the child is ‘muted’. Staff will be able to provide feedback on this learning the following school day.

How to access Google Classroom:


How to submit learning on Google Classroom:


Guidance for using Google Classroom safely:


We advise all parents and carers to read our e-Safety policy:


During Remote Learning, we have set up an email address for each class if the children are self-isolating:

Year Group Contact Email
Year 1
Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6

Teachers will aim to reply to your emails by the end of the next working day. However, please be mindful that teachers may not always be available due to personal reasons.

For any general enquiries, please email