Letter from Stickman

This week, Year 1 received a very exciting letter. Stickman wrote to the children, asking for their help. It had been a very windy day and he had been blown out of his family tree!  Stickman was lost and couldn’t find his way back home. The Year 1 children were very excited to help him so they went on an adventure to help Stickman find his family. They looked everywhere – behind the bins, under a bench, in the barn, up a very tall tree, until they finally found what they were looking for in the Reception garden!

This adventure created a real ‘buzz’ in the classroom and the children produced some fantastic writing in their English lessons. We are very proud of them!

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Celebration Assembly

Well done to our certificate winners this week! Our values of teamwork, respect, integrity, enjoyment and discipline were mentioned many times this morning by the teachers, who are clearly very proud of you. Keep up the excellent example to others.

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Friends of Cannon Park

All children will be invited to wear their own clothes on Friday 30th November. Friends of Cannon Park are asking for donations of bottles, chocolate of £1. All donations will go towards our Christmas Fete, which is on Thursday 6th December. Ho ho ho!

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Children in Need

What a day! Everyone looked amazing in their bright colours today – special mention to Mr Kelley for that shirt! Thanks to the generosity of our parents and families, the bring-n-buy sale was a great success! Our School Council, led did a brilliant job in organising the event. Be prepared for some creative Christmas gifts from the children this year.

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100 Years Ago…

As part of our whole school WWI project, Year 3 have been learning about what life was like in 1918. We used the following questions to guide our reseach:

What was school like?

How did people travel?

How did children help the war effort?

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