Month: November 2019

Election Day

Our three week election campaign ended on Thursday as the whole school voted for their party of choice. The children have really enjoyed learning about democracy, which is one of our British Values.

The votes were counted up at the end of the day and, with only two votes in it, the winning party was the Future Technicians. They will now present their ideas to staff on how to develop the school.

Here are our party leaders casting their votes:


Celebration Assembly

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week, our Bronze Award winners and everyone else who has been working hard and demonstrating our values in and out of school.

And, a huge well done to Year 5 for 100% attendance last week.

Teamwork  Respect ♦ Integrity ♦ Enjoyment ♦ Discipline

Visiting Teachers

This morning Year 6 were lucky enough to have a Maths lesson taught by some renowned Chinese teachers. The children were tasked with finding the code to unlock a door, and were mesmerised with how the computer knew what numbers they were all thinking. Mr Young even had a go! What an exciting, informative lesson!

Football Focus – Girls

Last Thursday, our girls’ football team played their second game for the Warwick University Girls League. We played against Grange Farm and the school values that the girls displayed were outstanding. The final score was 23-1 to Grange Farm. A massive well done to our girls for their teamwork and resilience. I would also like to say a big thank you also to the parents and carers who came to support the team.

Mrs Amphlett

Football Focus – Boys

Last week, the boys kicked off their campaign with two matches: away at Allesley Hall and home against Howes Primary.

On Thursday, against Allesley Hall, the boys started well as a team, passing the ball round in challenging weather conditions. They worked hard as a team and the game was extremely close. Unfortunately, Allesley Hall made the most of two rare chances and Cannon Park were unable to convert their shots into goals while in search of an equaliser. Our goalkeeper made a brilliant save to deny a third goal, which drew gasps and cheers from the crowd.

On Friday, against Howes Primary, the boys started well and took the lead. A more attacking style of play was a joy to watch to the many spectators. They wanted goal after goal! Unfortunately, a few too many of the goals fell to Howes Primary and the scoreline ended 8-6.

Despite two defeats, the boys played extremely well as a team and enjoyed their first two games. It is only a matter of time until these excellent performances turn into results for this young and ambitious team! Many thanks to the parents for their outstanding support on the sidelines.

Celebration Assembly

What a lot we had to celebrate today!

Congratulations to all of our Stars of the Week, our Bronze Award winners and everyone else who has been working hard and demonstrating our values in and out of school.

And, thank you to everyone for your generosity last Friday – our Bring & Buy Sale raised a whopping £473 for Children In Need.

Teamwork ♦ Respect ♦ Integrity ♦ Enjoyment ♦ Discipline

Cannon Park Hustings

On Thursday in assembly, each party gave a presentation to the whole school ahead of polling day next week. The children were very persuasive, talking about ideas ranging from more equipment to more outdoor learning; from saving the planet to becoming the very best academically. It will be difficult decision for the children next week when they go to cast their democratic vote.

What a mess!

Year 1 had a shock when they came into their classroom yesterday! Someone had dumped all of their rubbish everywhere! As a team, the children quickly decided that something needed to be done. They sorted the rubbish and re-used as much as they could to create something new. The children worked very hard and were proud that they had done something to help their planet.


Children in Need

The children had a great time raising money for Children in Need on Friday. Everyone took part in the Joe Wicks workout in the morning – the staff found it more of a challenge than the children! In the afternoon, our ‘bring-and-buy’ sale was a bit hit. Thank you all for supporting Children in Need.

Celebration Assembly

Huge congratulations to all of our Award Winners this week, and a special well done to our very first Bronze Award Winner of this school year for displaying all of our values in school.

And, thank you to School Council for your wonderful Children In Need Assembly, talking about how we can show teamwork, respect and enjoyment by being a good friend.

Teamwork ♦ Respect ♦ Integrity ♦ Enjoyment ♦ Discipline