Library: A fabulously festive virtual visit from Alex T. Smith!

Year 3, 4, and 5 were all enthralled by Coventry Inspiration Book Awards winning author-illustrator, Alex T. Smith, and his helper Coco, when they zoomed into our classrooms this morning. Before the event had even started, Year 3 were blown away to see their Winston illustrations on the pre-event slide show!

Alex talked to us about how he writes and illustrates his books, showed us how to draw Winston and read the first chapters of How Winston Delivered Christmas and How Winston Came Home For Christmas. He also told us all about the stories his Grandad used to tell him and some of the ways he and his family celebrate Christmas.

Here’s what some of the children thought:

  • I thought Alex was really funny, especially when he was talking about his family.
  • I loved finding out how long it takes him to make his books and how he creates his illustrations.
  • I loved hearing him read the first chapters of Winston – it makes me want to read on!
  • I loved learning how to draw Winston and knowing that mine didn’t need to be exactly like his. We have to put our own style on our drawings.
  • Coco was the best helper ever, almost as funny as Alex!