Day: November 18, 2021

Year 5: How do rollercoaster designers use forces to help them?

Year 5 was full of groans, sighs, and triumphant cheers as they put all of their knowledge of forces to the test to create rollercoasters in Science. They had tracks with loop the loops, curved sides and hills. It was wonderful to see their teamwork, discipline, resilience and enjoyment as they problem-solved issues along the way to ensure they got just the right amount of momentum from gravity, before friction and air resistance stopped their marble from completing their track.

Huge thanks to Mr and Mrs Barrow for donating the insulation pipes which made this lesson possible.

Library: Virtual Visit from Jeff Kinney

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a virtual visit with best selling author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney this morning. He showed us how he plans his stories, sharing extracts from his own diaries, and led us in a draw-a-long of Greg.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts on the virtual visit:

  • I loved doing the draw-a-long.
  • It was really funny when Jeff tried to draw blind-folded!
  • Greg isn’t called Wimpy in Brazil as they don’t have that word. He’s called Banana Boy instead because that’s what his body looked like.
  • It was interesting finding out why Jeff became a writer
  • I can’t believe how long it took him to write his first book – 8 years!
  • The drive-thru book signing looked amazing!

Autumn leaves

We’ve had such a busy, exciting week in Reception exploring the signs of Autumn. The children have made Autumn crowns and jewellery using the different colour leaves they found on their Autumn walk around the school grounds. They also learnt about hedgehogs and why they hibernate. We made clay and potato hedgehogs and then created a cozy home for them.

New Virtual Tour

Cannon Park Primary School has a new virtual tour. This can be found under our ‘Parents’ tab on our school website.