Year 5: Welcome to Victorian School!

Today, Year 5 experienced what life was like in a Victorian School. They practised their times tables and handwriting, the capital cities of Europe, and completed drill, which was the Victorian equivalent of PE. Not all of the children adjusted quickly to the extremely strict rules and found themselves wearing the Dunce Hat, and one or two even faced the cane. We even had a go at some Victorian playground games.



Here’s what the children thought:

  • The rules were really strict! I’m glad in modern schools the staff can’t hit us!
  • It makes you feel as though you have to concentrate more because if you don’t you’ll get punished really badly.
  • There was a lot of chanting and repeating things we had to learn.
  • It was really hard trying to write with my right hand. It would have made me feel really sad to be treated like that every day just because I am left-handed.
  • It was a really fun way of learning how different life was because we got to do lessons in a different way.
  • I never knew Mrs Reihill and Miss Cleveland were so good at acting mean…
  • I’m really grateful I wasn’t a child in Victorian times.