Friday Library Recommendations: Luck

Happy New Year and welcome to the first Friday Library recommendations of 2023. Today is Friday 13th, which is viewed by some as a superstitious day where bad luck can follow you around, so today’s books all link to luck in some way.

A Duck Called Brian by Al Murphy features a duck in desperate need of a miracle.

When Brian wakes up and realizes he’s out of his favorite breakfast–Duck Nuts and milk–all he wants is to tell his best friend Gregory. But Gregory is nowhere to be found! Brian goes searching for his best friend, and finds many fellow ducks engaged in silly and entertaining activities along the way. Will Brian find Gregory, or will his day be totally fowl? Is he a lucky or unlucky duck?

A Duck Called Brian is a hilarious picture book that’s sure to have readers of all ages laughing out loud! With clever artwork, witty humor, and a fun search-and-find element, this story is a rib-tickling read-together tale.

Tilda Tries Again by Tom Percival shows us that sometimes in life we have to make our own luck through persevering when things don’t go our way.

Tilda’s world is just as she likes it . . . until one day, it turns completely UPSIDE DOWN. All of a sudden, everything is topsy-turvy, and nothing feels right. Things that were once easy now seem incredibly challenging. Can Tilda discover a new way to approach her problems and believe in herself?

Bold, bright and empowering, this is an inspiring story about coping with difficult situations. It’s the ideal book for helping children to build resilience and embrace a ‘can do’ approach to life.

The Unlucky Eleven by Phil Earle, illustrated by Steve May is the tale of a cursed football team where luck is definitely not on their side.

Ridiculous injuries … strange illnesses … cancelled games … Everything’s going wrong for the Saints this season, and Stanley’s team-mates believe they finally know why. Their football kit is cursed! But the team’s attempts to break the curse take things from bad to worse. Soon, they’re ready to call it quits. Stanley’s still got some tricks up his sleeve … but will his curse-cracking ideas save the team in time for the last game of the season?

Teamwork and determination are key to success for the Saints as their striker feels all the pain of the penalty spot.

The Boy Whose Wishes Came True by Helen Rutter is a brilliantly funny exploration of what happens when you are lucky enough to have all of your wishes come true.

Archie Crumb is having a tough time. Picked-on at school, picked last for any team; his home has been sad and quiet since Dad left and his luck feels like its run out. But things start looking up when Archie bumps his head and literally sees stars: his favourite famous football player standing in front of him, granting him nine wishes.

This is INCREDIBLE! Unlimited ice cream, a whole day of eating pizza and playing on the X-Box, revenge on the bullies, becoming the star player in a televised football tournament: finally, all his dreams can come true! Will Archie wish his way to happiness? Or will he realise that magic wishes may be wonderful, but only he has the true power to change his life?

Funny, moving, inventive, uplifting children’s fiction at its finest, perfect for fans of Jenny Pearson and Ben Davis.

And finally, voting is now open for this year’s Coventry Inspiration Book Awards. Follow this link to keep your favourite book in the competition: Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2023 – Coventry City Council

Happy reading!