Coventry Inspiration Book Awards: The Evictions, Week 1

It’s that time of year already when the vote offs have begun for Coventry Inspiration Book Awards 2023. The first books out are:

What’s The Story? The River by Tom Percival

Rowan is so happy exploring and playing and he particularly loves the river and how it can be calm, playful, or even angry, just like him. One year there is a particularly cruel winter, and the now empty dog basket is shown. The river, unseasonably remaining frozen, represents Rowan’s grief and his inability to find any joy in life without his beloved pet. The nature around him eventually breaks through when he notices, rescues, and heals a little bird and Rowan growing, feeling, and changing over time just like the river he remains and goes on.

If you loved this book, try Grandad’s Camper by Harry Woodgate.

Celebrate love in all its forms, as Grandad tells his granddaughter about the adventures he used to have with Gramps. A long time ago, Grandad and Gramps spent many happy days travelling the world together in a camper van. But now Gramps isn’t around any more, Grandad doesn’t feel much like having adventures. As she listens to his wonderful stories, Grandad’s granddaughter has an idea to cheer him up…

Telling Tales: Indigo Wilde And The Creatures Of Jellybean Crescent by Pippa Curnick

Discovered in the Unknown Wilderness when she was just a baby, Indigo Wilde was adopted by World-Famous Explorers, Philomena and Bertram, who are always off adventuring. Home for Indigo and her little brother, Quigley, is 47 Jellybean Crescent, a crazy and colourful house full of magical creatures that her parents have taken in over the years. There’s Fishkins, a purrmaid – half-cat, half-fish, and ALWAYS grumpy; Graham, a llama-corn with a particular taste for tinsel; Olli and Umpf – bright pink and blue yetis who can’t blend into the snow, and that’s to name just a few. Now Indigo’s parents have sent another Monster Mail delivery to Indigo and Quigley. But this time, the box is empty, and the escaped creature is running rampage around the house. The race is on to catch the creature before it’s too late and disaster strikes…

If you loved this book, try Luma And The Pet Dragon by Leah Mohammed.

A collection of two warm and funny stories about Luma and her cheeky pet dragon. When Luma Dewan wakes up on the morning of her seventh birthday, she knows that today will be special. But she has no idea just how wonderful and extraordinary it will be. For today is the day she will meet Timir – a real talking dragon. Or at least when Luma is around that’s what he is. When anyone else is there, he becomes an ordinary grey puppy with a fluffy tail, who loves chasing squirrels and bouncing on trampolines.

It’s a big secret to keep – and Luma’s clever cousin Arjun is soon suspicious of this peculiar puppy, who doesn’t quite behave like any other dog. Luckily Luma’s grandmother – Nani – is there to help, and to Luma’s surprise, Nani might just know a little dragon magic of her own . . .

Hooked On Books: Magicborn by Peter Bunzl

The year is 1726 and the Royal Sorcerer of England is on the hunt for those who are Magicborn.  Two children, Tempest, and Thomas both have lost their parents, and both have one green eye and one blue eye. They are both in great danger, because they are MagicBorn and the Royal Sorcerer, Lord Hawthorn, is determined to track them down.  When Tempest is captured after accidentally unleashing a power she didn’t know she had, she is taken to Kensington Palace alongside a boy like her, Thomas. Trapped, Tempest and Thomas find their magic flickering to life – and with it, long-buried memories. For they are the lost prince and princess of Fairyland, bound by a deadly curse…and now the fairies are coming to get them. A battle is building – one only they can end. But who will survive?

If you loved this book, try The Chime Seekers by Ross Montgomery.

Step into a world of faerie tricks and hidden danger… When an evil faerie steals Yanni’s baby sister and swaps her for a changeling, Yanni is swept into a dangerous race against time to get her back. For faeries delight in tricks and rescuing her won’t be easy. With the help of his cousin, Amy, and the reluctant changeling, Yanni must travel to goblin palaces and battle-swept oceans, discovering ancient treasures and secrets along the way. Yanni will need every drop of courage and even a few tricks of his own, if he’s to outwit the faerie and save his sister…

Ross Montgomery brings the magical world of British folklore to life in this contemporary fantasy novelBursting with Ross’s trademark charm, humour and heart, with echoes of David Bowie’s Labyrinth.

Happy reading, and don’t forget to vote to keep your favourite books in the competition!