Books To Make You Hungry

This week celebrated International Food Day, and it is still Chocolate Week, so all of this week’s recommendations have a food theme…

I’m starting off with Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper, which is 25 year old!

“Deep in the woods, there’s an old white cabin with pumpkins in the garden.
There’s a good smell of soup and at night, with luck,
You might see a bag-piping Cat through the window and a Squirrel with a banjo,
And a small singing Duck.”

Cat, Duck and Squirrel spend their days making pumpkin soup. Cat slices, Squirrel stirs and Duck adds the salt. But, when Duck decides that he wants to stir the soup, they start to squabble.

A beloved, rhythmic story about the importance of friendship and sharing, stunningly illustrated in autumnal colours, this story is perfect to read aloud. And, even better, there are two more stories with Cat, Squirrel and Duck to enjoy!

Next, I’m staying with soup, but moving up to Year 5 and 6 with The Soup Movement by Ben Davis. A Coventry Inspiration Book Award Winning author, Ben is a genius when it comes to stories that will have you laughing out loud one minute and reaching for the tissues with a turn of the page.

To aid his recovery from a life-threatening illness Jordan and his family move out of the city for a healthy new start. Jordan’s getting enough funny looks as the new boy at school as it is, without his Mum giving him homemade soup every day for lunch! But when Jordan meets a homeless man called Harry, and gives him the soup, it is the start of an unlikely friendship. Soon the two of them begin giving soup to the other homeless people around town and when his sister shares their antics on Instagram the #SOUPMOVEMENT begins-they even make it on the news!

One of my favourite books ever, The Soup Movement is one that will stay with you long after you’ve finished reading it. Jordan, Rio and Harry are each complex characters who grow and change as the story develops. And, if you’re a child of the 1980’s reading this, get ready to go dancing in the sand with Duran, Duran again.

Moving to non-fiction, and away from soup, we have How Many Ways Can You Cook An Egg? by Lizzie Mabbott, illustrated by Charlotte Dumortier.  From shopping to chopping, this recipe book is packed full of ideas and tips to get kids cooking in the kitchen.

This family cook book is a celebration of all things food – and the joy of eating. From global recipes, to tips on sourcing fresh ingredients, and how different foods can be prepared and enjoyed, this beautifully illustrated cook book is a visual feast and delight to the senses.

Learn how to make dumplings, apple turnovers, spiced fish fingers and other delicious dishes from around the world, with fun and encouraging text by award-winning cook Lizzie Mabbott. Fun artwork by Charlotte Dumortier brings each recipe to life.

How Many Ways Can You Cook An Egg? will excite and inspire young children to get involved in the whole cooking process, and bring families together at mealtimes.

And finally, we’re off on a fact filled sensory adventure in How Does Chocolate Taste On Everest? by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe, illustrated by Aaron Cushley.  Don’t get too comfortable. This isn’t the type of book you can snuggle up with under the covers. Not even close! You’re off on the expedition of a lifetime to experience the sights, sounds, smells, feelings and tastes of the world’s most extreme places.

Have you ever wondered what the buzz of the rainforest sounds like on a trek through the Amazon? Or how it would feel to experience the biting cold as you voyage across Antarctica? Or how about how chocolate would taste on Mount Everest? From every heart-bursting sight to tummy-lurching bite, this is a truly immersive round-the-world adventure, where YOU are the explorer.

Happy reading (and fooding)!