Nativity Stories

It’s our final Friday Library Recommendations of 2023, and as we head towards the Christmas holidays, I’ve chosen books on the theme of Nativity.

Once Upon A Silent Night by Dawn Casey and Katie Hickey is a timeless retelling of the nativity story told in lyrical verse with stunning, luminous illustrations, that sing of a world in unity.

It is midnight on Christmas Eve, and a child is about to be born in a stable. How can the creatures help? First, the cow offers up his manger, and the donkey gives his hay. The doves will sing the babe to sleep, the trees will watch over him, and the moon will fill his dreams with silver light. It’s a moment of magic, as a little child enters the world and brings with him the most precious gift of all: love.

Jesus’ Christmas Party by Nicholas Allan is old but gold, and tells the nativity story from the view point of a very grumpy and over tired inn keeper.

When a night of angels, shepherds and bright stars keeps him from his sleep, is there anything that will cheer him up?

Refuge by Anne Booth and Sam Usher reminds us that the journey undertaken in the nativity story is one that still happens on a daily basis where people are just trying to find a safe place for themselves and their family.

This powerful and evocative picture book, which tells the Christmas story and what follows the fleeing of Jesus, Mary and Joseph from Herod’s soldiers to Egypt has timeless crossover appeal and a poignant message that couldn’t be more relevant today.

And finally, Operation Nativity by Jenny Pearson, illustrated by Katie Kear is the most wonderfully festive, family romp with a twist as the Angel Gabriel overpowers his proclamation and puts Christmas as we know it at risk. One that will make you laugh out loud, and possibly cry too, it’s a must for fans of funny.

When Oscar and Molly rush outside to investigate a crash in the night, they’re not expecting to find a dazed Angel Gabriel wandering around their grandparents’ back garden. And they’re certainly not expecting to find themselves in a race to save Christmas. But if they don’t track down a missing shepherd, wise man, donkey and the actual Mary and Joseph, who’ve all crash-landed in Chipping Bottom, not only will Christmas cease to exist, but they will too. Operation Nativity is on.

And finally – I have been exceptionally lucky to get a sneak preview of our very first Cannon Park Primary Newspaper which will be available for sale from Monday. It costs 50p per paper and is packed with fascinating facts about our Headteacher, Christmas, Space, Sports stars and even has some festive activities to keep you busy too.

Happy reading!