When is a book not a book?

When it’s an onion…

The Onion’s Great Escape by Sara Fanelli asks young readers to help the onion break free by answering thought-provoking questions and completing the activities within, finally pressing a three-dimensional character right out of the pages.

Asking big questions about themselves and the world around them, The ONion’s great escape helps children understand big ideas and emotions, and in turn, helps them to help others, including the onion to face their fears and live their best lives.

When it’s a quiz…

Name That Thing by Dr Gareth Moore, illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke stretches your brain power with 20 fact-packed picture quizzes from expert puzzle master Dr Gareth Moore. Can you name a bird from its feather? How about a meal from its ingredients? What about a scientist from their discovery?

Covering themes, from nature, science and technology to sport, History and Geography, keep everyone guessing with hours of family fun. Part quiz book, part encyclopedia, with gorgeous hand-lettering and traditional artwork, this book is the ultimate gift book that can be enjoyed by the whole family and the large format makes it the perfect quiz book for curious children and their families to gather around.

When it’s a game…

Fighting Fantasy: Crystal Of Storms by Rhiamma Prachett is an astonishingly imaginative, edge-of-your-seat adventure – part story, part game! Grab your dice and a pencil, because you, the hero of this story, are a member of the Sky Watch keeping the floating archipelago of Pangaria safe.

When the Nimbus isle suddenly crashes out of the sky into the Ocean of Tempests below, you must explore the remaining islands, and battle both storms and sea beasts in your mission to raise Nimbus from the deep. You will be hunted by demonic harpies, rabid rats and even a Great White Squark and you’ll need every ounce of courage and quick wits to survive.

When it’s a robot…

Build A Robot by Steve Parker, illustrated by Owen Davey is this super-charged book will give you a unique, interactive guide to the world of robots. Combining a fact-filled book (did you know there are robot explorers and even robot doctors?) with a slide-out box containing three motors and pre-cut card pieces, you will become an expert robot-inventor in no time!

Once you have learned about the different robot that help in our world in a whole host of different ways, you can get stuck into building your own. Can you figure out how they work once you’ve built them all?

Happy reading, quizzing, gaming and building!