Category: Geography

Postcode Fun

Today, Year 2 have been learning all about postcodes as part of their geography learning. They used iPads to find out popular tourist attractions at certain postcodes as well as learning about the road names around Cannon Park and how to search for a location using a postcode.

All about our city

Year 6 were geographers this afternoon and investigated why our city exists. They looked at Coventry’s most important and iconic landmarks and researched some great facts about each.

UNICEF Workshop

This afternoon, Year 3 were visited by Warwick University students on behalf of UNICEF.  We had a workshop delivered on Nutrition and the importance of a healthy and varied diet. Furthermore, they spoke about the work they do to support those children, who are in need in less developed countries around the world. They also informed us about how we can get involved by doing simple things within our local community. Finally we created group posters on what we had learnt from the session.

Climate Change

This afternoon, Year 5/6 enjoyed workshops led by students from the University of Warwick with the support of UNICEF. They discussed the challenges of climate change and how it will affect our future. The children enjoyed completing a variety of activities and engaged well in the sessions.

Geography Enthusiasts

As Geographers, Year 6 had a great afternoon learning about the different areas of the UK that became evacuation locations for children of WW2. They were tasked with picking suitcase tags, similar to what children were given in the war, and they had to find the particular counties using an atlas. Well done Year 6 for showing great enthusiasm and enjoyment with our new topic.

What a mess!

Year 1 had a shock when they came into their classroom yesterday! Someone had dumped all of their rubbish everywhere! As a team, the children quickly decided that something needed to be done. They sorted the rubbish and re-used as much as they could to create something new. The children worked very hard and were proud that they had done something to help their planet.


Location Location Location

This afternoon, Year 6 learned all about physical and human geography. Using Google Maps, we looked at the geography around Cannon Park and compared it to two others schools: one in Cornwall and one in the Lake District. We thought about how the lives of those children might be different and similar from ours based on the geography.