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Coffee Morning Reminder

Just a little reminder about the coffee morning on Thursday 21/03/2024 at drop off.

Unfortunately Holly from Clothing Coventry is ill so cannot do the pop up shop but we will still take donations and they will be picked up later. 

We will also have details of the charity and how you can access the support.

For more info, visit


Green Doctor – A new service for parents from the Family Hubs

Green Doctor can help families who are struggling with cost of heating and other household bills.

Green Doctor can also help regarding benefits, fuel and food bank vouchers, Big Difference (water bills) etc.

Our new Green Doctor Prasanna will be running sessions to coincide with Stay and Play sessions in the following hubs/ dates. Prasanna has a separate room booked for private consultations but it would be great if he could come into the stay and play sessions to talk to parents about the service.


Fourth Thursday

1st Feb, 22nd Feb, 28th March (or 21st TBC)

9.00- 1.00


Last Wednesday

31st Jan, 28th Feb, 22nd March (or 21st TBC)

1.0-    4.00


First Wednesday

7th Feb, 6th March, 3rd April

10.00- 3.00

Park Edge

Third Tuesday

20th Feb, 15th March

9.30- 1.30

Parents can book an appointment to see the Green Doctor or just drop in informally during the latter part of the session.

PSS are able to make bookings for consultations during the  Family Hub sessions.

If parents are unable to attend at the above Family Hubs they can book an appointment for phone/ online support and a home visit using the following link (self service or referred by a worker)