Category: Science

Biscuit dunking

Year 6 were Scientists this afternoon, investigating biscuits and their dunking times in tea. They made predictions, carried out fair tests and wrote about their experiment and results. The children were unanimous in their findings, with the Custard Cream and Bourbon Cream being the biscuits which could be dunked the longest before finally breaking in the tea.


Investigating forces and mechanisms.

This afternoon, Year 5 were challenged to make a working shaduf.

shaduf, also spelled shadoof, is a hand-operated device for lifting water, invented in ancient times and still used in India, Egypt, and some other countries to irrigate land. Typically it consists of a long, tapering, nearly horizontal pole mounted like a seesaw.

They had to use their knowledge of forces and mechanisms to investigate the best way to build one with the materials available…


Art in the sun

As part of Science linked with Art, Year 6 looked at how light travels and casts a shadow. We took advantage of the sun and went outside to create some great sketches of objects with their individual shadows. A great start to your first day back after the holidays, Year 6.


Reflection in nature

Continuing their learning of light, Year 3 looked at reflections made by nature. The children examined pictures of landscapes which had beautiful reflections in clear and still water. They then designed their own reflective landscapes using watercolour pencils. We had some lovely scenic pictures. Well done Year 3.


Tricks of light

Year 3 were Scientists this afternoon, looking at how light reflects and travels. They made their own periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors and were absolutely amazed at how they could use them to see around corners and over and under things. The children even went into Year 6, where they saw Mrs MacDonald, and were keen to explain how their periscopes work. What great enthusiasm and enjoyment for Science Year 3!



UNICEF Workshop

This afternoon, Year 3 were visited by Warwick University students on behalf of UNICEF.  We had a workshop delivered on Nutrition and the importance of a healthy and varied diet. Furthermore, they spoke about the work they do to support those children, who are in need in less developed countries around the world. They also informed us about how we can get involved by doing simple things within our local community. Finally we created group posters on what we had learnt from the session.


This afternoon, Year 1 had a very interesting science lesson. We talked about what animals eat and how we can group them into herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We talked about how if we looked at the poo of different animals, we might be to see what they eat. That is exactly what some archaeologists do to help us understand what people ate in the past. We investigated ‘pretend poo’, which helped us to decide if it had been left by a herbivore, carnivore or omnivore.

Shadow Puppets

Year 3 were Scientists this afternoon, learning about light and how shadows are formed. The children made some very interesting shadow puppets with their hands using a torch and card. They took some fantastic pictures with their IPads too!

Creating Circuits

Year 6 were scientists this afternoon, exploring circuits. Not only did they have to find out what certain symbols represent, they also had to build their own working circuits with different functions. We had plenty of light bulbs, buzzers and children full of enthusiasm for Science!

Climate Change

This afternoon, Year 5/6 enjoyed workshops led by students from the University of Warwick with the support of UNICEF. They discussed the challenges of climate change and how it will affect our future. The children enjoyed completing a variety of activities and engaged well in the sessions.