Category: Science

Magic Magnets

Year 3 had an exciting afternoon using magnets. They discovered how they could make a paper clip hover in the air using a piece of string and a magnet. We had some very excited children amazed by science!

Year 5’s Homework has been out of this world.

Mrs, Aston, Mrs Reihill and Miss Cleveland would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Year 5 parents for their help and support with the children’s Space Homework, and are looking forward to welcoming you this afternoon to share the amazing range and creativity of projects. Sadly, there won’t be any cake left by then!

Year 5’s trip to the stars

Year 5 had a visit this week from The Black Hole Planetarium. Everyone stepped into the darkness, inside the huge dome, to explore the wonders of space. We learnt all about the planets and stars and saw the constellations as they appear in the night sky. It was a wonderful experience, which the children won’t forget.

Animals in Hand

Mo from Animal in Hands visited Year 3 on Wednesday to launch our new topic – Predators.  The children saw and handled an Australian carpet python called Jamal, a tarantula called Boris, a bull frog named Shrek and many other really exciting animals.


Year 1 spent the afternoon investigating fossils using bread and jelly beans. We have made our very own fossils and are looking forward to becoming archaeologists next week.

Filling Our Planters

Reception gathered compost from different sources before adding some kindly donated plants. The children loved the challenge and are looking forward to seeing the plants grow and develop. One student even hoped for a beanstalk!

Wildlife Club

A group of adventurous children enjoyed taking part in an informative and exciting after school club to learn more about wildlife. This week, we made bird nests using natural materials found in the school grounds.