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Future Designers

As part of D&T Week, Year 1 have been working hard to create fabulous chairs for their teddies.

This week, our classroom has been taken over by teddies of all shapes and sizes, but unfortunately, there were so many teddies that we didn’t have enough chairs! The children decided to solve the problem by researching, designing, creating, and evaluating their very own chairs for their teddies. We had unicorn chairs, gaming chairs and of course pizza chairs! They used junk modelling materials and even learned the skill of papier mache, as well as adding some sparkles to make their chairs extra special.

It was clear to see the teddies were very happy with what the children had created for them. We also think the children were very impressed with their creations too.

Well done, Year 1!

Worms Galore

Muddy wellies and searching for worms – it’s just a usual lesson in Year 1.

When reading the story Super Worm, it’s only right that we create our own worm world. We went on a very exciting hunt for worms on the field. The children (and Miss French) were overly excited to start digging and grab some worms. Not only did we find lots of wriggly worms, but we also brought them back into the classroom to build our very own worm world. The children worked together to layer soil, sand and of course some food for the worms in the tank.

Year 1 are so excited to check on our new classmates daily and see how they have burrowed through the soil.

Did the excitement stop there? Absolutely not! Each child used their artistic skills to design their very own super worm out of clay, which was then transformed with colourful paints and glitter, because of course Super Worm is no ordinary worm. Year 1 are eager to start some fabulous writing about their worms next week.




Carols Around the Tree

December would usually see the hall full of children, staff and parents, enjoying a Christmas musical extravaganza in the shape of our annual concert, Carols Around the Tree. Unfortunately, we are unable to gather together this Christmas but that didn’t stop Miss Ashby! She has worked tirelessly to coordinate the staff and children to create a virtual Carols Around the Tree. Please click on Christmas Tree below to enjoy the show.


A new chair for Baby Bear!

Year 1 read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and knew straight away that they wanted to create a new chair for Baby Bear! They planned out their designs and had great fun using junk modelling materials to make them. They are looking forward to evaluating their chairs tomorrow. Well done Year 1!



Year 1 have been busy using their artistic skills to create a calendar in the style of ‘Wassily Kandinsky’. They used a range of colours to show different emotions. Well done Year 1!

Wonderful Writing

The children in Year 1 have been busy developing their writing skills. They are working hard to use verbs, adjectives and even adverbs in their sentences. Amazing!


For today’s activity, I’ve been inspired by one of my favourite book characters – Elmer! Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a children’s picture book series by the British author David McKee. Elmer is often used to celebrate diversity so in a time when we can’t be in school, why not create your very own Elmer to bring us together!

You will need:

  • a cleaned out plastic milk container – a 4 pint one is perfect – and an adult to cut the bottle to the right shape
  • coloured paper cut into small squares
  • PVA glue
  • patience

Don’t forget, email your Elmers to

Here is another rainbow, which was sent in recently:


Being World Autism Awareness Week, we mustn’t forget that we are all special; we all have things which make us different, unique, special.

For today’s activity, think about what makes you special. What are you good at? What qualities do you have? Are you kind? Do you always think about others before yourself? Which of our school values do you really demonstrate every day? Create a cartoon character of yourself as a superhero. If you want to extend the activity, create a comic book about your new superhero. I have attached a comic book frame below for you to download and print off, or use as a guide if you use plain paper or your exercise book. Please email a photo of your superheroes to

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World Autism Week

This week, we celebrate World Autism Week, with World Autism Day on Thursday. Autism is a lifelong, developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with and relates to other people, and how they experience the world around them. Please click on the image below to find out more:

At home this week, maybe you could create an informative poster to raise awareness of Autism.