Google Meets

To enable the children to keep in contact with each other and their class teachers, we have started to use Google Meets.

Google Meets will enable all children in a class to meet together virtually, similar to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, in a safe learning platform. All children will be able to access Google Meets through their Google Classrooms. The link will be posted shortly before each Meet.

During previous lockdowns, Google Meets were invaluable for the children to meet safely together online. During this time, the Class Teachers checked in with each child present and it was a lovely way for the children to keep connected, especially with one another. Teachers encouraged children to think about questions or a particular theme beforehand as a basis for the Google Meet.

For children in Reception and Year 1, Mr Wilson and Miss Swain focused on phonics at the start of each of their sessions. Developing these early reading skills is so important so encouraged as many children as possible to join at the start of the Meet. Children also had the chance to ask questions about their learning for the day.

For children in Years 2 to 6, staff were online ready to help children with their learning. This was not a mandatory session but a supportive ‘help desk’ session to those who need it. Children joined the Meet to ask for help in getting started in their writing, how to answer a particular question in mathematics or for some guidance on getting started in their afternoon learning. It was a chance for children to have daily contact with their teachers should they need it. Teachers  used visualisers to model learning to children if needed.

In the event of Remote Learning, school will communicate with families when Google Meets may occur. Both teachers and teaching assistants will still be on Google Classroom throughout the day, providing regular feedback on learning. Children are able to ask questions via the Google Classroom Stream and teachers will respond quickly.