Dol-y-Moch Day 3 (Part 2)

Day 3 at Dol-y-Moch did not disappoint! This afternoon, we went out to the woods to test our orienteering skills. Working in small groups, the children had to find their way around a circuit while reading a map. There were teachers hiding in the woods on the route to make sure the children didn’t make any wrong turns. Fortunately, the staff weren’t needed as we watched the children demonstrate their teamwork and geography skills to find their way around – the prize of a packed lunch at the end of the trail might’ve had something to do with their enthusiasm and determination!

After a picnic by the lake, we set off to the beach. The children searched for items on the shore, dodged a rouge crow, paddled in the shallows and made some beach art in small groups. After realising the crow wasn’t going anywhere, we decided to walk along the beach to get a much-deserved ice-cream.

The children have just eaten a filling tea of pizza, beans and wedges followed by chocolate cake – the food proved very popular with lots of empty plates! Our evening will be spent completing one final orienteering activity: Photo Trail. It will be the perfect opportunity for the children to use their torches and teamwork. The weather is still dry, which it has been for most of the day, and, amazingly, we even saw the sun today! The children are all doing so well, making Cannon Park proud.