At Cannon Park, we encourage excellence and enjoyment by being our best and caring for all in a safe environment every day!

We aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which will equip our children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum as well as promoting cultural, social, spiritual and physical development growth.


The happiness, well-being and achievement of each child is our main concern and we believe that every child can achieve and succeed in reaching their full potential. We provide a safe, vibrant and energetic environment with very high standards and expectations of conduct and discipline. There is a genuine caring ethos with a focus on our core TRIED values: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment, Discipline.

Through our engaging values-led curriculum, we strive to deliver the best learning opportunities and challenges that we can, to evoke that love of learning. Our pupils are delightful, and we encourage them to aim high. Our staff are a dedicated, hardworking team of professionals, committed to providing and meeting the needs of all.


At Cannon Park, we aim to provide high quality learning experiences for the children. Across the school, we agree on three core elements to learning:

During 2021, we are currently reviewing our curriculum to ensure it provides progression in both knowledge and skills as well as including, engaging and inspiring all children.

For information on what is taught in each year group in each subject, please click on the links below:

English Mathematics Science
Computing History Geography
Art & Design Design and Technology Music
Modern Foreign Languages Religion PSHE
Physical Education