In line with our school vision, at Cannon Park, we aim to offer a broad and balanced curriculum, which enables children to develop in excellence both in skills and knowledge across all areas of the curriculum as well as promoting cultural, social, spiritual and physical development growth. We want children to enjoy their learning, develop a love of learning and leave Cannon Park as life-long learners, ready for their next step in life.

The happiness, well-being and achievement of each child is our main concern and we believe that every child can achieve and succeed in reaching their full potential. We provide a safe, vibrant and energetic environment with very high standards and expectations of conduct and discipline. There is a genuine caring ethos with a focus on our core TRIED values: Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment, Discipline.

Through our engaging values-led curriculum, we strive to deliver the best learning opportunities and challenges that we can, to evoke that love of learning. Our curriculum has been developed with our children in mind, celebrating the best of Coventry as well as developing an understanding of the wider world and our diverse community. Our pupils are delightful, and we encourage them to aim high, achieve excellence through enjoyment.


At Cannon Park, we aim to provide high quality learning experiences for the children. Across the school, we agree on three core elements to learning:

What do we want from our curriculum?




Children develop socially and emotionally as well as academically.

o    Strong school values of Teamwork, Respect, Integrity, Enjoyment and Discipline, which are embedded in everything we do, are used to help the children grow into well-rounded individuals.

o    Learning Partners are used to encourage children to work collaboratively and support each other in their learning.

o    Strong PSHE curriculum, which is based around the PSHE association, teaches children the skills and knowledge needed to develop socially and emotionally.

o    Highly skilled Learning Mentor able to support children when necessary.

o    Child-independence is developed from Reception to Year 6

Children develop positive relationships with their peers and with the adults in school. Children are able to communicate clearly their opinions, knowledge and emotions. Pupil Voice shows 92% of children feel happy in school.


Behaviour, including learning behaviour, is excellent. Children feel safe and happy in school. All children understand and demonstrate our school values. Pupil Voice shows 90% of children believe children follow our school values and behave well.

Across the curriculum, children learn new skills and acquire knowledge in a progressive manner as they move through the school, building on previous learning.


o    Each curriculum area has a clear skills and knowledge progression document to enable teachers to plan learning which builds on prior knowledge.

o    Children are encouraged to think about what they already know to help them with their current learning.

o    Staff work collaboratively on planning the long term curriculum to ensure year groups or content are not viewed in isolation.

o    Subject leads monitor progress in their subject termly through book looks, learning walks, staff and pupil voice as well as data analysis.

In each subject, children acquire new knowledge and develop new skills in a progressive manner. Children are able to articulate what they have been learning about and why they have been learning about it.

Pupil Voice shows 93% of children believe they make good progress.

All children are included in the learning and provided with appropriate challenge for their abilities and needs.

o    Learning resources are personalised by the teachers for the children in their class. Questions, activities and challenges are planned to include all children, including those with SEND.

o    Lessons are focused on the children with adults facilitating learning.

o    Adults value process over product.

All children are challenged in every lesson. Children are active learners, keen to find out more.

Parent/Carer Voice shows 84% of parents/carers believe their child receives appropriate support. SEND children make comparative or better progress in reading, writing and mathematics than children without SEND.

Children are engaged in and enjoy their learning.

o    Teachers take into account different learning styles of the children in their class and plan a range of activities to engage children.

o    Teachers understand that if children enjoy their learning, they are more likely to be engaged and learn. Lessons reflect this.

Children show a love of learning. Through a broad and balanced curriculum, children have the opportunity to find where their talents and interests lie. Pupil Voice shows 93% of children enjoy their learning and 95% of children would recommend Cannon Park Primary School to another child.


During 2022/2023, we are currently reviewing our curriculum to ensure it provides progression in both knowledge and skills as well as including, engaging and inspiring all children.

For information on what is taught in each year group in each subject, please click on the links below:

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