For Art week, Year 6 investigated sculptures. They looked at what sculptures are and researched facts of key sculptures in Coventry.

After a great sketching lesson, the children began making their own dinosaur sculptures (linking into our topic this term) out of clay. We have fantastic Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops models in our classroom!

This afternoon, the children used gouache paints to create sunset backgrounds for their sculptures. Well done Year 6 for showing great enjoyment for Art.




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Curriculum Displays

This term, we have re-launched our reviewed and updated curriculum to ensure we are offering a broad and balanced curriculum, which includes, engages and inspires all children. The children have been working so well and we decided to showcase the learning in the hall. As we are currently unable to invite parents into school, take a look at the fantastic displays below:

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Investigating microorganisms

As scientists, Year 6 investigated microorganisms. They learnt what microorganisms are and discovered that they can be helpful and harmful. We carried out an experiment using yeast (which the children were surprised to know is a microorganism), sugar, water and balloons. We predicted what might happen and then observed the results. There was a great buzz in the classroom when the balloon began to inflate with carbon dioxide! Well done Year 6 for showing great enjoyment during science.

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