Home Learning


  • To raise the attainment of all pupils
  • To ensure that the partnership between home and school is one which supports children’s learning
  • To consolidate and reinforce skills and concepts
  • To extend in-school learning through enquiry and research
  • To help pupils realise that learning takes place within and outside the classroom and to exploit a variety of resources for learning
  • To establish good learning habits
  • To give pupils the confidence and self-discipline needed for independent study

What does Cannon Park Home Learning include?

Home Learning comprises of three elements: reading, key skills and a weekly learning task.


Reading can be done in three ways:

Reading to your child It is important for adults to read to children. This models to children how to read and exposes them to a wide vocabulary and a variety of texts as well helping to develop a strong general knowledge, which is important for reading comprehension.
Reading with your child Reading with your child involves a book, which the child can read some words and the adult may need to support with other words. Again, this will help develop the child’s vocabulary.
Your child reading to you This book will be pitched at the child’s reading ability; the child should be able to read the majority of words but may struggle over a few words or sounds, which they are currently learning.

Key Skills

The school subscribes to several online learning sites that can be used to supplement the home learning. Class Teachers will provide the children in their class with the necessary usernames and passwords. These subscriptions include Bug Club for ebooks, TTRockstars for times tables practice, Spelling Shed for spelling practice and One Minute Maths app to develop maths skills.


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Weekly Learning Tasks

Each week class teachers will set their class a weekly home learning task:

Year Group Weekly Home Learning Tasks
Reception Phonics activity sheet
Year 1 & 2 Phonics, spelling, reading or maths activity activity sheet
Years 3-6 Online learning task using Spelling Shed or Learning by Questions (lbq.org)


When will my child receive Home Learning?

Weekly home learning tasks will be set / handed out on a Friday and will be expected to be returned / completed by no later than the following Friday.  The first set of Home Learning will be set on Friday 22nd September 2023.  For children completing paper-based home learning, the school will provide a home learning book to complete the tasks in.  Feedback won’t necessarily be given in your child’s Home Learning book but will be addressed during lessons in school.

How long should my child spend on Home Learning?

In order that children spend an appropriate amount of time on their home learning, we advise the following timings:

Reception Year 1/2 Year 3/4 Year 5/6

Reading every day

Key Skills 15 minutes each week

Learning Task

15 minutes each week

Reading every day

Key Skills 15 minutes three times a week

Learning Task

30 minutes each week

Reading every day

Key Skills 15 minutes four times a week

Learning Task

45 minutes each week

Reading every day

Key Skills 15 minutes five times a week

Learning Task

60 minutes each week

For more information or support, please contact your child’s class teacher.