Eurovision, this is Cannon Park calling…

My favourite event of the year – Eurovision – is this weekend and I cannot wait! Here are some books linked to the Song Contest for you to enjoy while you wait for the musical extravaganza to begin on Saturday night.

First up is The Music In Me by Sophie Henn, a rousing rhyming text that’s sure to get those toes tapping, accompanied by Sophy’s signature bold, bright and stylish illustrations. It is the perfect way to get to know all kinds of emotions!

Hey! Have you ever stopped to think about all the different kinds of music that make you, you? There are happy tunes and slow beats, a marching stomp and a sleepy swoon. Maybe, some days, you can’t find your rhythm and you feel all out of sorts, and then on other days your music will come together and you’ll march to the beat of your own drum. All this music and more is celebrated here.

Next, we have The Unofficial Guide To The Eurovision Song Contest by Malcolm MacKenzie, the must-have guide for Eurovision fans! Packed full of trivia, party games, high scores and nil points.

Hello, bonjour, Hola! It’s Eurovision calling and what better way to celebrate the flamboyant show than with this ultimate (and unofficial) guide to the biggest singing contest in the world!

How well do you know the Eurovision Song Contest? With this unofficial guide you’ll know your Conchita Wurst’s from your Alexander Rybanks, why we all love Kalush Orchestra, what made Sam Ryder the nation’s sweetheart and which band takes top of the polls – Abba vs. Måneskin – or could it even be Scooch?

This ultimate guide recaps the highs and lows of the decades old contest including its bangers and ballads, most shocking moments, photos of the worst dressed acts, top scoring countries – and those who score nil points, and plenty of games to play at your Eurovision party. Eurovision bingo anyone?

The costumes are as unique as the entries each year, so for the fashionistas among us, try The Culture Of Clothes: A Celebration Of World Dress by Giovanna Alessio and Chaaya Prabhat.

A colourful celebration of costumes and cultures from around the world. Celebrate world dress with this beautifully illustrated compendium of clothing. From colourful kimonos to dazzling flamenco dresses, this book takes you on a journey through the continents to discover the incredible variety of traditional dress. With vibrant artwork by Chaaya Prabhat, this is a colourful celebration of clothing and cultures around the world.

And finally, I can’t let this year go without recommending The Moon Of Kyiv by Gianni Rodari, illustrated by Beatrice Alemagna. The Eurovision Song contest should be beaming to us from the Ukrainian capital this year following Kalush Orchestra’s amazing win last year, but due to the ongoing conflict, it is being hosted on their behalf in Liverpool.

In 1955, beloved Italian poet Gianni Rodari penned a nursery rhyme called “The Moon of Kyiv”. It is a poem about our shared humanity reminding us that, no matter where we’re from, or where we live, we all exist under the same moon. Gianni’s words are a call for peace and compassion towards everyone, and The Moon of Kyiv is for anyone who has been displaced from their home for any reason.

Happy reading, and if you’re watching Eurovision, why not pop on the subtitles and sing along!