Friday Library Recommendations: Poetry

Yesterday was National Poetry Day, so I’m sharing some poetry books by the inimitable Michael Rosen for everyone to enjoy. From classics like We’re Going On A Bear Hunt and Little Rabbit Foo Foo, to the utterly hilarious Chocolate Cake, Michael Rosen has a huge catalogue of poetry and prose to find refuge in. Here are a few of my favourites, and a sneak peek at his latest picture book, told in verse, that will be in the shops from the end of October.

I’m going to start with A Great Big Cuddle, which is brings two of the biggest names in children’s publishing, Michael Rosen and Chris Riddell, together in this poetry collection to be enjoyed by the oldest grown-up and the youngest child.

The poems in A Great Big Cuddle fizz off the page with sound and rhythm, energy and laughter, as Rosen captures in the most remarkable way what it means to be very, very young. A child’s world with all its details and feelings – toys and games, animals and made-up creatures, likes and dislikes – is vividly conjured up in the most memorable, playful language, and Chris Riddell has produced some his most extraordinary pictures ever to bring this world to life.

Next, I’ve picked Even My Ears Are Smiling – a brilliant book of poems that are funny, thought-provoking and, as always with Michael’s work, immediately accessible and told through a child-centred voice.

The poems included are a mix of classic favourites and also many brand new poems. The cheeky, full-colour illustrations by much loved Babette Cole make the perfect partnership, and again, perfect for any age. These really will leave you smiling from ear to ear , with a spring in your step!

For older children, Michael Rosen’s Big Book Of Bad Things is a wonderfully exuberant yet poignant poetry collection.

Here are tales of childhood, from the horrors of being late for school, to making a raft, and going to a cafe, as well as poems to ponder – just think, how great would Satnav trousers be! Touching, light-hearted and funny, Michael’s poems will delight readers young and old.

And finally, lots of the books we read are told in verse, and so with Autumn trying it’s hardest to make an appearance, my last book this week (which hasn’t been released yet, but I was very lucky to be sent an early copy) is a stunning new picture book by Michael that is a hug in book form.

The Big Dreaming is an uplifting story, full of hope in the face of fears, floating on Daniel Egneus’s lustrous illustrations.

The Cold is coming, and it’s time for Big Bear and Little Bear to get ready for the Big Sleep: for bears sleep all winter long, and wake up in the spring. But Little Bear is worried. What if they run out of dreams during the Big Sleep?

And so, Little Bear sets out bravely to find enough dreams to see them through the long winter. On his journey, he discovers dreams of happiness; dreams of homecoming; and dreams of hope. But with the Cold approaching fast, will Little Bear make it back home in time for the Big Dreaming?

Happy reading!