Year 2 had a great day on Monday when everyone dressed up as a pirate. The children looked fearsome in their costumes! We played pirate games, role played some pirate activities and wrote about a day in the life of a pirate.

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As part of our Autumn Disco, the Friend of Cannon Park organised a pumpkin-carving competition. The entries were all very impressive and clearly show the creative talents of our children. Well done to everyone, who entered. We wish you all a restful half term holiday.

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Dol-y-Moch Day 4

Have you ever been down a slate mine, climbed a mountain and eaten a roast dinner all in one day? Well, Year 6 have! Our final full day of adventure was a fantastic way to cap off a great week!

Once again, everyone woke up happy and smiling this morning and, after devouring many bowls of cereal and too many rounds of toast, we got kitted out for our day in the Snowdonia mountains. The minibuses dropped us off at the foot of an old slate mine. As we walked steadily upwards, the instructors shared their knowledge about how the mining industry has shaped the geography of the area – there is even a few slate mines still in operation today!

As we approached the entrance to the mine, the clouds darkened but the excitement rose – the children couldn’t wait to get inside the mine. We had to use all our newfound scrambling skills to navigate the mine with only the light from our headtorches to guide the way. It was interesting to hear what life would’ve been like when the mines were in their prime. Our children would’ve been working down the mines rather than enjoying their education, as they do today.

After stopping for lunch and hot chocolate inside the mine, we continued onwards and upwards before finally seeing daylight again. The journey back down the mountain was just as entertaining – the children learnt the famous ‘bum shuffle’ method for getting down steep sections.

Upon returning to the centre, the children settled down to a freshly cooked roast turkey dinner before spending their pocket money in the gift shop – parents, you can expect lots of presents! All that is left is a big tidy of the centre to ensure it is ready for the next Coventry school to visit before one final night’s sleep and then the journey home.

Everyone is happy to be here but also looking forward to coming home tomorrow. This evening, the manager of the centre praised the Cannon Park children for their behaviour over the week; he commented that all of the instructors had really enjoyed working with the children.

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Dol-y-Moch Day 3 (Part 2)

Day 3 at Dol-y-Moch did not disappoint! This afternoon, we went out to the woods to test our orienteering skills. Working in small groups, the children had to find their way around a circuit while reading a map. There were teachers hiding in the woods on the route to make sure the children didn’t make any wrong turns. Fortunately, the staff weren’t needed as we watched the children demonstrate their teamwork and geography skills to find their way around – the prize of a packed lunch at the end of the trail might’ve had something to do with their enthusiasm and determination!

After a picnic by the lake, we set off to the beach. The children searched for items on the shore, dodged a rouge crow, paddled in the shallows and made some beach art in small groups. After realising the crow wasn’t going anywhere, we decided to walk along the beach to get a much-deserved ice-cream.

The children have just eaten a filling tea of pizza, beans and wedges followed by chocolate cake – the food proved very popular with lots of empty plates! Our evening will be spent completing one final orienteering activity: Photo Trail. It will be the perfect opportunity for the children to use their torches and teamwork. The weather is still dry, which it has been for most of the day, and, amazingly, we even saw the sun today! The children are all doing so well, making Cannon Park proud.

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Dol-y-Moch Day 3 (Part 1)

Heavy rain met the children on wake-up this morning: the day looked bleak. Despite the weather, the children woke up happy again after a second good-night’s sleep. The breakfast choices included shredded wheat today, which proved a popular choice for many!

After breakfast, the rain clouds disappeared, and the sunshine made a welcome appearance just in time for our orienteering activity around the Dol-y-Moch centre. The children worked in small groups or individually to find different points around the centre with only a map to aid them. This afternoon, we’ll put our newfound orienteering skills to the test in a nearby wood before heading to the beach after lunch for more fun and ice-cream!

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Dol-y-Moch Day 2

The day started with a 7am wake-up call for the children. They (mostly) shot out of bed, happy to start the day – parents, you’ll be pleased to know they slept soundly through the night! After a breakfast of cereal and toast, we met our instructors for the day and prepared for the activities.

Our day was split into two halves – kayaking at the lake and bouldering at the beach. Despite a light rain, the children were all in good spirits during kayaking, developing their paddle skills during a variety of fun games. The session ended with the infamous ‘Dol-y-Moch dive’ – it’s amazing to see so many children happy to be pushed into freezing cold water! They all came out shivering but smiling and wanting to do it again. Fortunately, the fireplace was burning back at the house ready to warm us back up.

The time at the beach was spent attempting various different challenges from bouldering to scrambling to jumping. The children showed lots of enjoyment in approaching the tasks with such a positive attitude.

Some quotes from the children:

‘The dive was really cold and the kayaking was brilliant. It taught me a lot about how to kayak.’

‘The water was freezing but I enjoyed it!’

‘The rock climbing was excellent because I completed the leap of faith!’

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Dol-y-Moch Day 1

We have arrived safe and sound in the Welsh countryside. After a lovely tea, the children worked as teams to make their beds – some needed more teamwork than others! After a brief welcome from the staff, we are all ready for a good sleep before a busy day tomorrow.

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Match of the Day

Cannon Park Girls beat Newdigate Primary in their first match of the season. The girls stuck to their formation well and showed a calmness on the ball and a keen eye for a pass. Their tenacity in the tackle led to many shooting opportunities and the scoreline ended an emphatic 7-0. All the girls represented Cannon Park proudly, showing all of our values.  This photo was taken before the match. If you think they look happy here, you should’ve seen their smiles after the game! The team really enjoyed the match and it was played in an excellent spirit.

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