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Year 6 and the Olympic torch handover to Finham Park School.

Yesterday, the Year 6 children enjoyed holding an Olympic torch dating back to 1948. We were passed the torch by Stivichall Primary School and were entrusted with it until it was our turn to pass it on. They learnt about the history of the Olympics and the values associated with the event.

Today, a selection of children proudly carried the Olympic torch to Finham Park School. They demonstrated all the values expected of them and shared carrying duties along the way. Upon being greeted by Finham Park Staff, they were given the opportunity to do a short relay race along the running track where they were then greeted by welcoming Finham Park students at the other end. One of our children even gave a rousing speech to their headteacher upon arrival!

Mr Young and Mr Sawbridge couldn’t be prouder of how the children conducted themselves throughout this event and truly believe this once in a life time opportunity will leaving many lasting memories.


Well done everyone.



NHS Coventry with Year 6

An informative session delivered by NHS Coventry. The children learnt how to tackle peer pressure and learnt about the negative effects of substance abuse. Well done Year 6!