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Girls On Track

Last week, Cannon Park were fortunate enough to be able to invite ten girls to participate in an engineering day at the Coventry Transport Museum. The event was hosted by Motorsports UK and featured many exciting engineering tasks encluding Lego Programming, Pit Stop challenges and the introduction of the F1 in schools programme. It was a fun and informative day which helped teach the children about diversity in motorsports.


Mr Young reports that our Year 6 children have had a fantastic time so far at Dol-y-Moch. Here are just a few photos of some of the children to give you a taste of what they’ve been up to. More photos will follow.


Year 6: How did propaganda influence behaviour during World War II?

As historians, we have been looking at propaganda posters produced during World War II.

We worked out who the intended audience was, and how the words and images would evoke an emotional response in different sections of society. This was so that they would be more likely to behave in the way that the Government wanted them to, whether that be mothers from big cities sending their children to live with others in the country, women going to work in factories or on farms, or growing your own veg!

Then we created our own posters to persuade the British population to help the war effort in different ways.

Year 6: How can we build a vehicle for speed?

During design and technology week, we have been building gravity powered soapbox cars to see how far we can get them to travel from a ramp. We have used a wide range of tools and materials, and followed different design techniques to bring our vehicles to life.

  • It has been really fun using different tools and learning how to use the hot glue gun.
  • It has taught us how important it is to work as a team.
  • I’ve enjoyed working like an engineer to design our vehicle.
  • I’ve really liked the independence we’ve had to create our design and can’t wait to race it against the others.
  • We liked experimenting with bigger wheels to see which would be the most stable and the fastest.

Library: Virtual Visit from Jeff Kinney

Year 5 and 6 enjoyed a virtual visit with best selling author of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Jeff Kinney this morning. He showed us how he plans his stories, sharing extracts from his own diaries, and led us in a draw-a-long of Greg.

Here are some of the children’s thoughts on the virtual visit:

  • I loved doing the draw-a-long.
  • It was really funny when Jeff tried to draw blind-folded!
  • Greg isn’t called Wimpy in Brazil as they don’t have that word. He’s called Banana Boy instead because that’s what his body looked like.
  • It was interesting finding out why Jeff became a writer
  • I can’t believe how long it took him to write his first book – 8 years!
  • The drive-thru book signing looked amazing!

Year 6: How does a heart work?

In Year 6, we have been biologists, investigating how the human heart works.

We used a balloon to recreate the pumping of the heart, and with each depression of the balloon, blood (juice) flowed out of the heart to oxygenate the rest of the body.

Tasty Tuesday on Wellness Wednesday

This morning, Year 6 were making their very own salsa as part of healthy schools week. The children enjoyed creating their own dish using simple ingredients such as tomatoes, onions, fresh coriander, garlic and lime – they did this with little to no instructions. Mr Young judged their work Paul Hollywood style but due to the impressive quality of each dish, found it very difficult to decide on a winner!

Well done everyone and I hope many of you try this recipe out at home, your parents will love it!