Category: Science

Year 6: How does a heart work?

In Year 6, we have been biologists, investigating how the human heart works.

We used a balloon to recreate the pumping of the heart, and with each depression of the balloon, blood (juice) flowed out of the heart to oxygenate the rest of the body.

Year 5: Can you make an object with negative buoyancy float?

Year 5 have been investigating Archimedes’ principle, and exploring water resistance and buoyancy.

We each had modelling clay with the same mass and had to find the shape that would float using what we know about about the forces, up-thrust and buoyancy. There were quite a few “Eureka!” moments!

NHS Coventry with Year 6

An informative session delivered by NHS Coventry. The children learnt how to tackle peer pressure and learnt about the negative effects of substance abuse. Well done Year 6!