Month: November 2020

Can you feel the force?

This afternoon, Year 3 have been having a great time rolling cars down ramps. As well as playing with cars, they were learning all about forces and, in particular, friction. Our Teamwork value was very much on display as the children worked in small groups. Well done, everyone!


Wonderful Writing

The children in Year 1 have been busy developing their writing skills. They are working hard to use verbs, adjectives and even adverbs in their sentences. Amazing!

Investigating our blood

Year 6 had a great afternoon investigating everything about our blood including where is comes from and what its main components are. As scientists, we found out how vital it is to our bodies and even carried out an experiment to make our own blood!



Year 2 were in the hall this morning being very active to learn their phonics. There was great teamwork and enjoyment on show – well done, everyone!

How Winston Delivered Christmas by Alex T. Smith

From the author of Claude and Mr Penguin comes a brilliant book that signals that Christmas is on it’s way! An advent story told in twenty-four-and-a-half chapters!

When a mouse named Winston finds a lost letter addressed to Santa Claus on Christmas Eve, he sets off on an unforgettable journey to personally deliver the letter to Santa! Starting on December 1, children can read a chapter a day, and each chapter is followed by a fun and festive holiday activity to complete.

This illustrated advent story tells of the adventures of an adorable mouse and how a good deed can lead to a very happy ending.  Alex’s joyful illustrations help transport us to Mistletoe Street where our fabulously festive adventure begins.

The activities are a mix of craft, writing and baking. I can confirm that the Stained Glass Window Biscuits are well worth the effort! It just wouldn’t be the run up to Christmas without Winston in it!

And this year, you can #JoinInWithWinston by following the hashtag on Twitter from the 1st December.