Year 2 have been learning all about algorithms as part of their computing. They planned how to navigate the Beebot around the course to reach Miss French’s treasure chest by writing the perfect algorithm. The children showed great teamwork and enjoyment in their learning.

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Performance Poetry

Year 2 have been working on performance poetry in their English lessons this week. They loved having the opportunity to show their work to the children in Year 1. The children used loud, clear voices, actions and sometimes even dance to make their performances exciting! Well done, Year 2!

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Postcode Fun

Today, Year 2 have been learning all about postcodes as part of their geography learning. They used iPads to find out popular tourist attractions at certain postcodes as well as learning about the road names around Cannon Park and how to search for a location using a postcode.

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School Games Values

Well done to Year 2 who have won a School Games Values award for their determination and teamwork. They really are a wonderful team of children and are always so supportive of each other. What a lovely way to finish the term. Well done Year 2, we are all so proud of you, and well done to Mrs Amphlett!

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Carols Around the Tree

December would usually see the hall full of children, staff and parents, enjoying a Christmas musical extravaganza in the shape of our annual concert, Carols Around the Tree. Unfortunately, we are unable to gather together this Christmas but that didn’t stop Miss Ashby! She has worked tirelessly to coordinate the staff and children to create a virtual Carols Around the Tree. Please click on Christmas Tree below to enjoy the show.


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Alien Invasion!

Year 2 have been making moving aliens during DT Week. The children have enjoyed designing their aliens, creating them using cardboard and finding ways to join parts together. I’m sure you’ll agree, they are out of this world!

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Report Writing

Year 2 have been busy writing non-chronological reports on pirates. They published their writing on large pieces of paper after looking at other examples of reports. Well done, Year 2!

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For today’s activity, I’ve been inspired by one of my favourite book characters – Elmer! Elmer the Patchwork Elephant is a children’s picture book series by the British author David McKee. Elmer is often used to celebrate diversity so in a time when we can’t be in school, why not create your very own Elmer to bring us together!

You will need:

  • a cleaned out plastic milk container – a 4 pint one is perfect – and an adult to cut the bottle to the right shape
  • coloured paper cut into small squares
  • PVA glue
  • patience

Don’t forget, email your Elmers to

Here is another rainbow, which was sent in recently:

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