Frog invasion

Year 3 were faced with a huge surprise in our classroom this morning.  When they entered, they found lily pads scattered across the floor and water on tables!  As detectives, they investigated who might have entered the classroom and when. What made things even more mysterious was that our new book for Literacy is called ‘Tuesday’ and is about frogs invading a city! Did they enter our classroom yesterday evening?!

After reading the story book, the children used comic strips to retell the story and thought about what might happen next Tuesday.

Super work Year 3!


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Cookie excavation

In our learning of the pre-historic period, Year 3 had an exciting afternoon finding out about the job of an archaeologist. Using cookies and cocktail sticks, the children carefully chipped away at the dirt (the cookie) to slowly reveal the hidden artefacts (chocolate chips). Any findings were recorded on grids, noting the exact point where they were found using co-ordinates and axes. The children used great precision and realised how long the process can take and how careful archaeologists need to be. Well done Year 3 for showing great enjoyment in our learning in History.




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Investigating our blood

Year 6 had a great afternoon investigating everything about our blood including where is comes from and what its main components are. As scientists, we found out how vital it is to our bodies and even carried out an experiment to make our own blood!


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Our amazing circulatory system

This term in year 6, we are exploring what a journey through our human body would look like. As scientists, the children started by examing the human circulatory system. They found out key facts and used an interactive website to see how the system carries blood around the body. We even made our own model heart pumps!  Well done year 6 for a great start to our new topic.


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For Art week, Year 6 investigated sculptures. They looked at what sculptures are and researched facts of key sculptures in Coventry.

After a great sketching lesson, the children began making their own dinosaur sculptures (linking into our topic this term) out of clay. We have fantastic Tyrannosaurus Rex, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops models in our classroom!

This afternoon, the children used gouache paints to create sunset backgrounds for their sculptures. Well done Year 6 for showing great enjoyment for Art.




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Investigating microorganisms

As scientists, Year 6 investigated microorganisms. They learnt what microorganisms are and discovered that they can be helpful and harmful. We carried out an experiment using yeast (which the children were surprised to know is a microorganism), sugar, water and balloons. We predicted what might happen and then observed the results. There was a great buzz in the classroom when the balloon began to inflate with carbon dioxide! Well done Year 6 for showing great enjoyment during science.

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Optical Illusions

After a busy morning of Maths and English, Year 6 group 2 became artists this afternoon and created some great optical illusions. Using simple lines, space and colours they learned how to create art that tricks the eyes. We were impressed with all the work, particularly Hongxin who amazed us with her use of colour and shading skills. Well done.



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Great first day back

The children in Year 6 Group 2, had a fantastic first day back at school. As Mathematicians, they had fun doing 2 metre maths which helped demonstrate the safe distance they need to keep. They created some amazing posters highlighting the different ways in which we can keep safe in school. The children also had the opportunity to choose their new reading books and it was amazing how many of them wanted some time to read independently. In the afternoon, the children used watercolours to create rainbow landscapes. Well done Year 6 for showing all of our school values today, we are very proud of you all!





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Measuring trees

As part of Science Week, Year 3 investigated how tall their favourite tree was. By choosing a tree from the school field, the children found out that by by walking away from it and using a trundle wheel they were able to get a rough measurement of the tree’s height.




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