Month: April 2022

Frogs invade Year 3!

This morning as the children entered the classroom, they were shocked to find lily pads scattered across the floor and even on the tables!  It was a complete mystery! As investigators, the children discovered that frogs may have entered through the  window which was left wide open. Whoops! What made things even more peculiar was the fact that our new  book in English is called ‘Tuesday’ in which frogs magically fly on lily pads during the night and invade a city!


Eggtraordinary Easter Reads

This week, I have chosen books that are perfect for the Easter Holidays, but first, thank you to Chris in Year 5 for the blog post title!

Egg by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet is a hilarious picture book about a non-conforming Egg. Perfect for Easter, or any time of the year, children will love telling the story themselves, looking at the pictures and using different voices for the various ‘egg’s. Plus the egg-shaped format adds to the eggy fun!

When an odd egg turns up with a big head and a pointy bottom, the other eggs don’t know what to make of it. Can they make the odd egg conform to Normal Egg Standards? The other eggs try turning it upside down, and even make it wear a hat on its bottom to show which side is ‘up’, but it takes the clever upside-down egg to show them that eggs can be any way up and still be eggs.

Clara Claus Saves Easter by Bonnie Bridgman is filled with fun, friendship and fantasy. With Easter activities at the end of the book, this is a fabulous read for younger children looking for a chapter book to get stuck in to.

Christmas may be over for another year, but when Rowan the forest elf goes missing and the Santa Scouts are in trouble, Clara Claus and her brother Nick must investigate.

Traveling from their home in the North Pole, they enlist the help of Gordon the grumpy gnome to track down the mysterious E.B. But with bunnies and squirrels to train and chocolate to wrap, can Clara and Nick crack the case to deliver the perfect Easter?

The Whizz Pop Chocolate Shop by Kate Saunders is packed with magic, adventure and chocolate – a winning combination in any book! All I can say is I wish I lived at 18 Skittle Street…

Oz and Lily’s family have inherited an ancient chocolate shop and they’re moving in upstairs. It’s the perfect home,  apart from the small fact that it’s haunted. And then they discover some solid gold chocolate moulds – with magic powers!

Soon the ghosts are joined by some evil villains determined to get their hands on the priceless secrets of the magical chocolate.

Mini beasts

Reception have been busy bee’s this week! We have been learning about mini beasts and making bug hotels outside ! We also used junk modelling to make bee’s in the craft area.

Food, Glorious Food!

I’ve seen lots of food in school this week – honey sandwiches in Reception, fruit salad in Year 2, smoothies in Year 3, pizza in Year 4, and a goodbye party in Year 5 and 6 for Mr Cotton and Mr Sawbridge – so this week’s books are all about food!

World Of Food By Sandra Lawrence, illustrated by Violeta Noy

Food, glorious food, from across time and the world is celebrated in this mouth watering new title from Templar Publishing.

Whether you’re interested in the food consumed at Romans banquets or modern day festivals and celebrations around the world, or what the different food classes are and how we use them in different countries, this is an absolute feast of a book packed with fascinating culinary facts displayed on colourful, engaging spreads mixing food, history, geography and culture.

From fruit and vegetables, to meat and seafood, to dairy products and grains, we see where these foods began and how they are used across the continents. I was left hungry for my guilty pleasures after the spreads on cheese and chocolate, and thoughtful pondering the tricky questions surrounding food production for the planet.

Chef Academy by Steve Martin, illustrated by Hannah Bone

Want to become a world-class chef? With sections on food skills, being a sous chef or head chef and a chef’s kit to end, Chef Academy is the ultimate guide for any budding master chef, but it’s most definitely not a recipe book. Chef Academy gives you the knowledge you need to set up and run a successful kitchen.

Food skills takes us through nutrition, food groups and how to follow a recipe, while Sous Chef introduces us to kitchen equipment, food hygiene, preparation and storage. Head Chef deals with menu planning and costing, as well as what you’ll need to do to get an elusive Michelin Star. The final section, Chef’s Kit is packed with stickers and games to put everything you’ve learned into practice.

Brilliantly informative, this is a great book to explore with friends and family. You can even cook up a couple of tasty dishes following the recipes inside.

Jolly Good Food by Allegra McEvedy

Have you ever dreamed of having picnics with the Famous Five, midnight feasts with the Malory Towers girls or party teas with the Folk of the Faraway Tree? With this cookbook, inspired by Enid Blyton’s stories, you can!

Packed full of yummy recipes, lively artwork and extracts from Enid Blyton’s stories, this cookbook will inspire children – and the whole family – to get busy in the kitchen. It’s the perfect way to share the pleasure of making and eating food together.

There are 42 exciting new recipes designed by top chef and Junior Bake Off TV judge, Allegra McEvedy, with fabulous illustrations by Mark Beech and glorious food photography too.