World War II

As part of English linked with History, and to get a better understanding of what children of war felt, Year 6 were given pictures to enact. They worked in groups to create a freeze frame and other children had to guess what the scene would be. Fantastic teamwork and enthusiasm, Year 6!

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Geography Enthusiasts

As Geographers, Year 6 had a great afternoon learning about the different areas of the UK that became evacuation locations for children of WW2. They were tasked with picking suitcase tags, similar to what children were given in the war, and they had to find the particular counties using an atlas. Well done Year 6 for showing great enthusiasm and enjoyment with our new topic.

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Remembrance Day

Year 6 started their afternoon throwing paper balls around the room before being stopped and told that each paper ball represented one millions lives lost in war. We talked about the significance of the poppy before creating our own Remembrance Day pieces of artwork.

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Remembrance Sunday

In Year 3 , this afternoon we have been learning about Remembrance Sunday. We thought about the importance as well as the significance of the poppy. We then spoke about the how the poppy was the only flower to grow on the battlefields after World War I. A number of children spoke about how their family members were in the war.
After this, we made our own poppies.

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100 Years Ago…

As part of our whole school WWI project, Year 3 have been learning about what life was like in 1918. We used the following questions to guide our reseach:

What was school like?

How did people travel?

How did children help the war effort?

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WWI Key Figures

This afternoon, as part of our commemoration of 100 years since the end of World War I, Year 6 have been learning all about key figures from the Great War. Using the Chromebooks, they worked in small groups to work on the same document in creating an information page using their research.

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