Category: English

National Handwriting Day

The children were keen to show off their best handwriting today as part of National Handwriting Day. Both the staff and children have been working hard to think of creative methods to develop handwriting.


Free Creative Writing Session

A free creative writing session for 7-15 year olds will take place on Saturday 26 January at Central Library. Kurly McGeachie, Birmingham Poet Laureate finalist, will be leading the session and inspiring people to create their own stories and poems.

The free event will also provide advice and assistance for anyone interested in creating an e-book for World Book Day in March. The session will take place from 1pm -2.30pm and booking is required by contacting or calling (024) 76832314.

Monster Mess

Year 1 couldn’t believe their eyes this morning! A monster had climbed into their classroom! They found lots of clues and even a video recording! We discovered that he is a friendly monster called ‘Munch’ and all he wants is some friends. The children are so excited and have come up with amazing ideas of how they can help him!

Tudor Freeze Framing

As part of their Tudor topic, Year 5 enjoying freeze framing Anne Boleyn’s trial. The children were very animated and passionate and the activity was enjoyed by everyone!

Letter from Stickman

This week, Year 1 received a very exciting letter. Stickman wrote to the children, asking for their help. It had been a very windy day and he had been blown out of his family tree!  Stickman was lost and couldn’t find his way back home. The Year 1 children were very excited to help him so they went on an adventure to help Stickman find his family. They looked everywhere – behind the bins, under a bench, in the barn, up a very tall tree, until they finally found what they were looking for in the Reception garden!

This adventure created a real ‘buzz’ in the classroom and the children produced some fantastic writing in their English lessons. We are very proud of them!


Year 2 have been outside today learning our common exception words. The children have loved using chalk to help them learn the words.

Word Class

Today, Year 5 have been developing their understanding of word classes. They worked in teams to group different words into nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, propositions and determiners before building sentences using words from the different classes.

School Librarian of the Year

This week, Miss Cleveland, Mrs MacDonald and Mrs Whetstone travelled to London for the finals of the School Librarian of the Year competition. As the only primary school included in the finals, Cannon Park made quite an impression thanks to the efforts of Miss Cleveland the four children, who joined the staff for the day.

Chris Priestly Visit

We were delighted to welcome the author, Chris Priestley, to work with Years 5 & 6. He talked about his life as an author and illustrator, and showed the children how to ‘characterise’ a drawing. We then had a go at drawing ourselves as pirates. Huge thanks to Kenilworth Books and Bloomsbury Children’s Books for bringing Chris to our school for the afternoon.


Relative Clauses

Year 6 have been working hard this afternoon to turn simple sentences into complex sentences using relative clauses. They worked in pairs to identify the nouns in each sentence and adding in suitable relative clauses.